If you could sell more,
would you grow more?

We see you three times a week at our farmers markets, or leaving boxes of CSA produce outside of co-ops on drop days. You’ve told us you don’t like leaving the farm multiple times per week and market sales take a lot of time. You’ve also mentioned you’re introverted and aren’t much interested in selling products. You want to farm, but you’ve reached capacity in your own community and need to get your products sold, while still maintaining the connection you want with your customers and independence of your own business.

RED Market is here to work with you to build a bigger market for your farm and all of your neighbors. We are a community of farmers, food producers, and wholesale buyers who want to grow our local food market by building better relationships. At simplest, RED’s product listing and sales process is a tool to get you to the customers you need to grow your farm.

Keep your farm independent, schedule your own deliveries and set your own prices. Take the risks when you want and reap the rewards when you deserve it. RED’s a tool to get us all there.