We know that you know how much better local products really are – you’ve got a couple farmers that drop by with the first tomato harvest of the season, you know your produce was in the soil yesterday, and you know how important those re

You also know that it can be tough to work with farmers – it takes time to find new farmers, build relationships with those partners, email your orders each week to each individual farm, AND run a kitchen. It’s hard work, and you’re proud of those relationships you’ve built. You love that part of your job.

RED Market is here to make sourcing from farmers less of a job and more of a journey. RED’s online ordering system brings farmers right to you, jumpstarting your personal farm network and giving you the power to buy from multiple farmers in one transaction. More farmers in our network means you can get more of the products you want, when you need them.

And the best part is, RED Market sourcing is all about direct access to farmers. You’re not buying from RED, or a distributor – you’re buying directly from producers. Direct sales keeps more dollars in the pockets of sustainable farmers, which means…more farmers and more food. Spend more time doing what you do well, which is build relationships – let us take care of the rest. Join our network to grow your farmers, grow your locally grown options, and grow your menu.