RED Market

was born out of something pretty simple – a desire for fresher, better tasting food on our Minnesota dinner tables, and more farmers in our community to grow it.

The problem is – it’s hard for small farmers to sell their products individually. Distributors are often unable to work with small scale, sustainable growers, and when they do, they take up to 60% of their profits. Plus, farmers don’t have a lot of time to individually market and sell what they grow- they’re in the fields, farming.

It’s tough for chefs, too – they’ve got long hours in the kitchen, and it can be really hard to find new farm partners and incorporate new farmers into their kitchens.

RED Market makes the introduction and sales process easy, with a network of buyers and sellers using our online wholesale system. At RED Market, we introduces dozens of sustainable farm partners to chefs daily, allowing chefs to increase their number of sustainable farm partners and decrease their dependency on food from far away.

RED stands for “Restaurants Eat DIRECT” – and that’s what we do, enable farmers and chefs to work directly together. Our mission is to have a community with more farmers, and building a better market is how we’re doing it.